Data Analysis



A simple, frequentist software package for MacOS™. It offers the user the ability to optimize the parameters of a function or distribution describing a given, univariate dataset using one of several available optimization criteria. I wrote this package many years ago because I needed it. Subsequently, I thought others might find it as useful as I did.

Even though Regress+ has some fairly advanced features, it cannot compare to its much more powerful successor described below.


A MacOS™ application implementing a fully Bayesian capability for applying a user-defined model to a given dataset. This software features live editing of the model plus some very sophisticated features.

MacMCMC is one half of a two-part project. The other half is the following ebook.

Data, Uncertainty and Inference

An ebook (PDF) written to accompany the MacMCMC software package but which stands on its own as an introduction to state-of-the-art data analysis in general. This book (265 pp.) keeps the math to a minimum but features a large number of examples of many kinds.

Binomial Credible Interval

An online calculator that utilizes Bayes' Rule with a flat prior to compute the shortest credible interval for an observed proportion given a target level of credibility. The central confidence interval is also reported.

Win, Lose or Draw

Another online, Bayesian calculator that executes MCMC on-the-fly for both binomial and trinomial problems. It outputs plots for the marginals as well as 90-, 95- and 99-percent credible intervals.

Sol Tychonis

A case study in Bayesian Data Analysis (PDF, 23 pp.)