A Compendium of Common Probability Distributions

A reference ebook (PDF) containg a large selection of probability distributions useful for modeling univariate data.

Binomial Credible Interval

An online calculator that utilizes Bayes' Rule with a flat prior to compute the shortest credible interval for an observed proportion given a target level of credibility. The central confidence interval is also reported.

Win, Lose or Draw

Another online, Bayesian calculator that executes MCMC on-the-fly for both binomial and trinomial problems. It outputs plots for the marginals as well as 90-, 95- and 99-percent credible intervals.


A Mathematica™ utility package for facilitating the drawing of 2-D plots with axes in the traditional style (tick marks outside, etc.)

Uraniborg Math Handbook

English translation of the math tutorial material in use at Tycho Brahe's observatory, 1580 (PDF, 40 pp.)